Heart Song

My darkest day my coldest nights.

I think of you and my heart takes flight.

I lay awake just to think of you.

For you are the light Thats true.

My heart is broken but you make it mend.

The final peice in my puzzle the means to an end.

One day I hope you see. 

What you could mean to me.

My mind is free my heart beats again.

One day I pray we’re more than friends.


Complete Soul

​I wanna be the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up, the first and last text she sends. The last phone call. The last thing on her mind when she closes her beautiful eyes. The light in her darkness. I want to be wanted like I want.

Darkness and Demons

Sit and wonder what it could be.

Though things are not always what they seem.

The life you live the people you see.

They are all demons waiting to release.

They keep their secrets locked away.

For when you are the weakest they spawn on that day.

So watch you flanks for they will come.

They will care you down for one day you may.

2nd To None

The heart is a fickle thing.
It breaks and repairs itself.
When you give it away it a sweet song.
It pumps for that one they beat as one.
All along the heart just thrives for it.
The feelin ya get as their name rolls off your lips.
It skips a beat everytime with out reason or rhyme.
You’d follow them threw hell and back.
With out even thinkin
it’s a no brainer.
In the end they are your only one.
The heart should never play second to NO ONE.

Almost Over!!

Four days ago my youngest got sick. Then of course I get it. Been in bed since then cut off feom the world thanks to her loving mother letting me rest and sweat it out. Ate my first solid food yesterday in 2 days needless to say it was amazing. Still stuffy and weak but think the worst is over. What a mess this has been.

How to lose weight

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Did you know that once you hit 40 years of age, whether you’re a man or a women, your body starts aging FASTER than normal? Studies have shown that without the proper nutrients and exercise, your body will age about 6 months EXTRA for every year that passes. Think about that! If you are 40, that means by the time you hit 44 you will LOOK and FEEL 48. And by the time you reach 60, you will LOOK and FEEL 70 YEARS OLD! We see this every day… just look around you.

Did you know that 90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat? That means you not only lose the only thing on your body that creates shape, tone, and strength—you also gain more fat every year, even if your calories stay the same.

Did you know that all of this is reversible at any age? That there are specific ways to move, eat, and think that tell your brain to STOP this rapid aging process… and even SLOW IT DOWN to the point where you’re aging less than a year for every year? That means you can look younger at 40 than you do at 35… or if you’re like Becky and I, younger at 50+ than we did at 40!

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My years as editor-in-chief at Iron Man Magazine have allowed me to peer into the secret routines of the anti-aging experts. Over the years, both Becky and I have picked up SO many tips, tricks, and strategies that have allowed us to literally reverse the aging process, at least from a cellular level. That means our body’s look, feel, and MOVE younger than our chronological age.

We’ve taught this System to countless men and women over the years, and it always begins with these 5 key principles you must apply in order to STOP the rapid onset of aging that’s going on right now, reverse it, and begin “aging backwards” by restoring your body’s natural youth hormones.

Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook

Dear Friend,
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Living with diabetes is NOT easy… cooking with diabetes can be even harder! But things are about to get much better for you…

Whether you’re dealing with Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), the disease affects every part of your life… not the least of which is the food you eat every day.

Your doctors tell you that you’ll never be able to eat a “normal” diet again…

Friends and family don’t know how to cook so-called “diabetic food,” so if you’re invited to their gatherings at all, you end up with meals that taste more like cardboard than something edible…

And, even if you or your loved one has been living with diabetes for a long time, you still have questions, doubts and fears about what you can and cannot eat…

The result is that you feel trapped and helpless.

Food turns into your enemy.

And, something as fundamental as eating a great breakfast, lunch or dinner becomes a nearly impossible minefield to navigate.

Your diet turns into the most basic, boring and bland collection of foods possible.

And, that’s because unfamiliar foods and new recipes don’t feel exciting, they’re life threatening.

You don’t think in terms of how good something tastes, but rather how many carbohydrates, starches, sugars and fats it contains.

Food is no longer something enjoyed; it simply becomes a medical necessity just as much of a scientific fact as that insulin shot…

And, you’ve long since given up on the idea of ever returning to the foods and recipes that you so desperately crave.

Even though those delectable snacks, desserts, treats and beverages that constantly seem to always be right there taunting you!

But, I don’t need to tell you any of this… you know it all too well.

Whether recently diagnosed, or you or a loved one has been living with diabetes for years, every food choice you make must take the disease into very real consideration.

And that’s a bummer because you know better than anyone else that…
Most Diabetic Recipes Are About As Tasty
As The Paper They’re Printed On…

As a diabetic myself, I searched for years to find a quality cookbook that would not only help me create quick, easy and satisfying meals, but ones that tasted great AND were safe for me… I had NO luck.

For years, I scoured the web, bookstores, and libraries to find any cooking resources that would make my life easier and the food I ate more enjoyable… again I had very little luck.

And, for years, I knocked on the doors of established dieticians, chefs, and restaurants to see if they had any special recipes that would help me take the boring out of every meal… I was met with more closed doors than I care to remember.

I was shocked at how few cookbooks, recipes or even interesting food ideas are out there for diabetics:

It seemed that the doctors are more interested in telling you what you can NOT eat, than shedding light on what you can.

It seemed that cookbook publishers must think there’s not a big enough demand, so they don’t bother creating quality resources.

And almost everybody else involved in the food industry seemed okay with just repackaging the same ol’ boring recipes that have been around for decades.

To say I was disheartened by what I found (or didn’t find) is a total understatement.

It seemed to me that…
Eating Should NOT Have To Be So Hard For Diabetics… But, Sadly, It Is!

When you break it down, the problem you’re facing shouldn’t be that difficult to solve:

You or your loved one has diabetes.

You want to be able to eat as good as – or better – than you ever have before… or at least find recipes that don’t taste awful.

And, you want to be shown exactly how to create simple, fast and mouth-watering dishes without having to convert “traditional” recipes into diabetic-safe ones.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

But, you have no idea how to get started. And, that’s a problem.

Or, if you do have an idea how to begin, you’re overwhelmed by everything it’ll take to do the conversions, substitutions, and exchanges to make your recipes safe. That’s a problem, too.

It feels like a ton of work, doesn’t it? Particularly if you can’t afford to spend all day in the kitchen every day… and who has that kind of free time?!

First of all, go easy on yourself.

If you’re feeling any of these things, you’re definitely not alone… just like you, diabetics everywhere are faced with this same sort of challenges at every meal.

Especially if you’re newly diagnosed, it’s not like you ever had to think about these types of things before, so it’s hard to even know where you’re supposed to start, right?

But, the good news is…

You don’t have to settle for cardboard food.

You don’t have to struggle to make something that tastes great AND is good for you.

That’s because you can finally…
Treat Yourself To The Taste You Deserve.

When I saw how little was out there for diabetics, I decided to make a difference.

I decided to create the world’s best diabetic cookbook. Go big or go home, right?!

I decided to develop a cooking resource filled with so many amazing recipes that it would blow your mind and delight your tummy… so you could eat better than almost everybody else in the world, every day!

As a result, over the past three years, I’ve worked with a team of incredible dieticians, chefs and food lovers to create a compendium of the most delicious diabetic-friendly recipes ever gathered in one place!

I want you to experience what eating truly great food every day can feel like.

I don’t want you to have to struggle with the same obstacles as you do now…

And I don’t want you to waste your time searching for hit-or-miss recipes all over the web.

So, with much trial and error, I created a best-in-class cookbook that is filled with easy-to-make mouth-watering recipes that will show you everything you need to know to quickly begin cooking like a gourmet pro – all while being totally diabetic-friendly!

Now, YOU can discover how easy it can be to start enjoying your meals again… without the stress, without the worry, and without the fear.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to…
The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook
250+ Quick, Easy & Delicious Recipes
Mean No More Cardboard For You!

Skeptics argued that a diabetic-friendly cookbook that was filled with 100s of great-tasting recipes was a ridiculous idea.

Boy, did I prove them all wrong!

The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook contains:

Over 297 pages of lip-smacking, diabetic-friendly recipes

Guaranteed ways to quickly and easily start cooking scrumptious recipes starting today

Fun and simple dishes that will take your cooking from just okay to out-of-this-world

Little-known secrets to effortless delectable meals that the whole family will love

Easy ways to transform your favorite pre-diabetic dishes without losing any of the taste

Quick exchanges and conversions already done for you

Surefire ways to begin eating tasty meals that will eliminate all your fears about “getting it right”

How to avoid icky cardboard “diabetic food” once and for all

The essential staple ingredients you need that will allow you to create award-winning dishes on a moment’s notice… even if you haven’t been to the grocery store in days!

Plus, you’ll have everything you need to lose those few extra pounds, too – good eating comes with benefits!

In this amazing 297-page book, you’ll uncover all kinds of exciting cooking and eating tips… everything from how to make satisfying breakfasts to jaw-dropping desserts and fancy drinks…

…unless, of course, rich chocolate soufflés, almond apricot biscotti and refreshing mojitos don’t sound good to you!

This all-in-one cookbook offers unlimited health-conscious ways for you to finally enjoy food once again!

With this one cookbook, you will equip yourself with the tools necessary to transform any recipe into a delectably diabetic-friendly masterpiece.

The days of constant worry, boring foods and dreading cooking are over.

It’s time to start living the good life with The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook!

With The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook, you’ll quickly discover what you’ve been missing in your diet… and you’ll know that you never have to go back to the way you were eating ever again.