Life’s Path

At some point in your life you learn to strip things down and see past the bullshit. You take things for what they are. You accept what is best not what you want. Life has an end game for you already in place. The path you choose is yours to walk but in the end we all meet in the same place.


The light that never dims

You are my strength,
You are my weakness,
You make me laugh,
You can make me cry,
I look at you with wonder and joy,
I know one day I’ll lose you to some stupid little boy,
I want for you only the best,
The world is your playground,
But you’ll do great and shine above the rest,
You make me proud as each day passes,
You’ll never grow up and always be my #1,
You’re strong and beautiful like I knew you’d be,
You’re brave,daring, and courageous and are my heart and soul,
You’re the greatest thing I could ever ask for there’s no in between,
You a young lady that I can see,
You’ll do big things and I’ll watch from a far,
But you’ll always be that little freckled face princess to me.

Heart Song

My darkest day my coldest nights.

I think of you and my heart takes flight.

I lay awake just to think of you.

For you are the light Thats true.

My heart is broken but you make it mend.

The final peice in my puzzle the means to an end.

One day I hope you see. 

What you could mean to me.

My mind is free my heart beats again.

One day I pray we’re more than friends.

Complete Soul

‚ÄčI wanna be the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up, the first and last text she sends. The last phone call. The last thing on her mind when she closes her beautiful eyes. The light in her darkness. I want to be wanted like I want.

Darkness and Demons

Sit and wonder what it could be.

Though things are not always what they seem.

The life you live the people you see.

They are all demons waiting to release.

They keep their secrets locked away.

For when you are the weakest they spawn on that day.

So watch you flanks for they will come.

They will care you down for one day you may.

2nd To None

The heart is a fickle thing.
It breaks and repairs itself.
When you give it away it a sweet song.
It pumps for that one they beat as one.
All along the heart just thrives for it.
The feelin ya get as their name rolls off your lips.
It skips a beat everytime with out reason or rhyme.
You’d follow them threw hell and back.
With out even thinkin
it’s a no brainer.
In the end they are your only one.
The heart should never play second to NO ONE.