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   I watched people today on phones,computers,tabs and just about every other electronic product under the sun. I just what the world might be light 10 years from now. Honestly the rate the worlds going it could be 5 years or less. By then there could be a new fad come along. Something off the wall that “will never catch on” then it spreads like wild fire.targus_vuscape_ipad_2_case_with_stand_1 

I sit here writing this blog. I am staring at my Galaxy SIII pounding the screen a mile a minute. I guess what it all come down to the world changes and people change with it. If you don’t change with the times eventually you’ll get left behind. Rather it be a new fad or habbits evrything changes. This day and age even the “Seniors” have phone,laptops and tablets.


I remember as a teenager having a page and I thought I was high tech. That little box that beeped and the number popped up on it so I could find a payphone to call the number back.


When my grandbabies are grow up I see a back to the future modeled world by then. Flyin cars, light saber and time travel. Well, ok, maybe that was alittle extreme but, at one time so was walking on the moon.


I do know one thing. I would almost bet money I don’t have. IF the world shuts down as far as power A LOT of people will lose their minds. No internet, no phones, only travel to get word to someone like the old west days. Hope it never happens but, deep down I think that is what the world needs.



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