No more microsoft in the future?

A year ago on December 3rd Microsoft Everyone (including Microsoft) tossed around the idea of the “nightmare scenario” that could possible lead to the fall of the company. The iPad has been eatting up the market with sales and appeal it seems. Pc sales were down 8 percent worldwide and 14 in the US.

Companies small and large are switching to IPad and mostly apple products. Also with Windows 8 failing, orders were cut in half from lack of sales. Also even with the new Nokia windows phone Microsoft still fails to get traction. As far as the gaming side of Microsoft the Xbox 360 is still selling with and without the Kinect BUT, that alone is not near enough to keep the billion dollar company on its feet.

Honestly critics say Steve Ballmer is part of the problem. Personally I think it’s really not all one mans fault. It can’t rest on one mans shoulders but they is usually how the industry goes.


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